A Note to New Moms

A Note to New Moms

I had a friend tell me about a relative of hers that was struggling with two kids under two years old. I had been ruminating about writing an encouraging article on this topic, so I decided to go for it.

My first two kids are sixteen months apart. Since God only recently freed me from anxiety (read about that here), even one kid was a bit stressful for me. My main issue was how to get all the stuff done when the baby wants constant holding??!!! And then, of course, baby #2 was born with a heart defect (read about THAT here) and almost died, then had heart surgery, and then was constantly being followed by doctors and therapists, and I had to work from home (a lot more than I am now) in the midst of all that. Fast forward twenty months after my middle child’s birth, and number three was born. The first few weeks were bliss. I can handle this. Not so bad. Yeah … he had colic. And a few months after the colic was gone, he started biting me constantly while nursing. And then the waking up 8-10x a night that lasted for what, six months?

So I COMPLETELY understand how itty bitties, especially multiples, can be stressful. What doesn’t help is when moms tell you, “the stress doesn’t go away; it just changes as they grow older.” Thanks a lot. NOT what I wanted to hear.

What you need to understand is that God sees you. He knows you. He loves you. Sometimes you may feel that no one understands how hard it is. But He made you, and He made you to be a mom.

Those beginning months and years are hard because your little ones need you SO much! But God isn’t going to let them stay in this stage forever. They move on. And walk through new frustrating stages like potty training! Ha! But seriously, I promise you will get a breather. You won’t be holding kids constantly. You may be responding to constant chatter. But they find ways to entertain themselves so that you can actually do things like cook dinner, sweep the floor, and take a shower. On occasion.

It’s just a stage, so enjoy it! Your little ones may not like cuddles forever. My youngest slept on me in a restaurant the other day, and it was such a rare experience I didn’t try to move him or wake him up. I actually enjoyed it without the stress of thinking of all the things he was keeping me from doing. Because the last time THAT happened was months ago, and who knows when it will happen again!

My youngest had colic which was very stressful for me. I felt so helpless as he was clearly so miserable. But that was over a year ago. Today he is pretty low-key for a toddler, entertains himself for much of the day, takes super-long naps and will even just hang out in his bed reading books. Things change. They get better. New challenges come up, but when you can’t handle it, turn to the One who made you a mom in the first place.

Hang in there, mama! Make sure you’re getting your prayer time in, and don’t blink or else this stage will be gone.


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