How to tame your scatterbrain

How to tame your scatterbrain: tips  to help you be more focused snd productive. Read more at I’m not a super-organized person. I enjoy being organized; I’m just terrible at it. That said, I’m juggling so many different things right now, that my life is pretty hectic. I used to think the reason I was so lousy at housework and finding time for things like mom-crafts and practicing music was because I had too many things on my plate. 

I do have an insanely ridiculous amount of things on my plate. But I realized that’s not my problem. My issue is that I’m terrible at time management. I decided to try something that could help me be more productive. 

How to tame your scatterbrain: tips  to help you be more focused snd productive. Read more at
My weekly schedule

To help minimize time wasted when transitioning from one task to another, I began by making a detailed schedule for myself. 

I’m currently homeschooling my daughter, so I made her a schedule that runs concurrently with mine. Brilliant idea, right? I barely follow this at all. This is just my starting point. Problem is, there are too many variables from day to day and week to week. So what I use this for, specific as it appears, is a guideline. 

How to tame your scatterbrain: tips  to help you be more focused snd productive. Read more at The real tool that helps control my scatterbrain is the custom schedule I make every day when I start my morning. I’ve found I’m somewhat able to stick to it, within thirty minutes or so. I use gel pens to make it sparkly and pretty, although my writing is pretty awful, which is why I general prefer to type everything up. 

How to tame your scatterbrain: tips  to help you be more focused snd productive. Read more at
My daily schedule
In addition to this I have one more chart that I use to help me be productive. This is my household chores chart. It doesn’t include daily tasks such as sweeping the floor and doing the dishes, but rather the weekly or monthly ones that I despise the most and usually procrastinate until I feel like a disgusting person. Like sorting through the stack of mail and schoolwork by the microwave *shudders*, which for some reason I can’t force myself to do, but when I don’t, it makes the whole kitchen look messy. 

How to tame your scatterbrain: tips  to help you be more focused snd productive. Read more at
Monthly household chore chart printable
I’ve found consistently that on the days I follow the schedule and finish one or two items on the monthly chores chart, I feel so much better at the end of the day. I feel like I’ve been accountable for my time as a work-at-home-mom, and I’ve been somewhat productive. 

Everyone needs a little time to gel out and relax. I try to include a reading and craft break every day (probably actually happens about three times a week). I’ve found I’m happier if I’m more productive during the day, rather than taking extended social media breaks where I’m basically just checking my notifications (yay! Someone retweeted my status. Almost nobody is following me on Pinterest. Figures. Gotta check my blog stats! Twenty times a day!). When the kids are in bed is when I can relax with mindless behavior like reading or checking social media. 


40 thoughts on “How to tame your scatterbrain

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for this one!! Lol I’m the same exact way, I’ve also got a touch of OCD… BUT if my house and chores feel too overwhelming I just don’t get anywhere with it which makes me feel WORSE! So thank you for sharing this one I need to try these tips on scheduling in and feel glad I’m not the only one who feels “like a disgusting person” when I don’t get them done. And I love your comments on the constant social media checking hehehe totally me too.

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    1. Haha! I’m not super clean, but I do feel completely stressed and distracted when things start staying messy. Obviously with three littles things are constantly getting messy, but I gotta stay on top of it somewhat to feel ok.


  2. I am starting to feel like a scatterbrain lol Im glad you found something that is working!! I check my social media followers all the time throughout the day, I will look you up and add you.

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  3. I guess this won’t be popular but I am a list person an insane planner but even that doesn’t always work it really is a mind thing. I believe some people can and some people can’t.

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  4. Blog stats are a time-suck for me, too πŸ™‚ I need to write everything down like you, but I hadn’t thought of making a schedule. I can’t wait for E to drop his first nap so our schedule doesn’t revolve around him all the time!

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  5. Back when I was a medical student, I was pretty organizational wrt studies. If I think I am gonna sleep for one hour, I would get up at the exact scheduled time. Or 5 minutes break would be actually just 5 minutes. So I have been thinking implementing that same discipline in my mom life too. I too shall use the same idea of planner like above. Thank you for sharing.

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  6. I agree with you that a SAH OR WAHM feels they need to be accountable for things done around the home. I always wonder why and would like to explore that thought some more. Is it because we see the home the most? Or is it because we worked a high activity job prior to being at home?

    I have gotten better to sticking to a schedule too, though. I really really really like chatting in groups but if I’m not careful, I could spend all day there πŸ™‚


      1. Sometimes no not at all lol. When it gets to the point of causing stress, I shift my focus through meditation. It’s a lot easier now my kids have grown up and moved out, things in the house pretty much remain in their right places lol.

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