The surprising reason you had a bad day

The surprising reason you had a bad day: we all have one of THOSE days.  Find out what purpose it could possibly serve at has one of those days. It might start early in the morning, or later in the day. Something small but not-quite-right happens that gets under your skin. Today I was looking forward to sleeping in, as Jac didn’t have school. Then two of my kids woke up at 6:15AM anyways, my youngest insisting I feed him breakfast. 

This tiny inconvenience that gets under your skin is compounded by several other ones that usually wouldn’t bother you a bit, but today irritate the garbage out of you. I was so behind today, despite managing my time the best I could (why was I behind? I got up early?!?!) and I couldn’t make phone calls regarding my son’s therapy. MOM GUILT.

The surprising reason you had a bad day: we all have one of THOSE days.  Find out what purpose it could possibly serve at we nip it in the bud, like the time I drove almost an hour to therapy only to find out insurance issues meant our session was cancelled. Instead of being annoyed, I took advantage of the babysitting situation and gave my son a leisurely visit to a nearby park without his siblings. 

But sometimes, despite all efforts, prayer, worship, chanting mantras, you name it; the Bad Day settles itself in and refuses to dislodge. Today I’m trying to figure out why, as my husband watches the kids at the playground and I ponder from a park bench. He figured I needed alone time. 

In the midst of the brokenness and my silly angst over pretty much nothing, I feel the quiet stir of my soul. I blogged about this last week. I’m hungry for a perfect world without pain and mistakes and sadness, because I know it exists. The  subtle burning desire inside is a promise of an eternity full of life, joy and perfection. 

The surprising reason you had a bad day: we all have one of THOSE days.  Find out what purpose it could possibly serve at what is the point to this tedious exercise? Why am I still here? Who would rather be here anyway? Asking these questions, I feel God whisper gently, “I need you to see that you need Me.” Reality opens up as it occurs to me that I’ve done it again. Tried to be super-mom. The Glorious Mom in my own strength. Perhaps buoyed by my successes, I forget I am nothing, have nothing and can do nothing apart from the Holy Spirit empowering me. 

I need the fruit of the Spirit in my life. I can’t do love, joy, peace – forget patience! – any of that is impossible. The best thing I can do is run to my Creator in my broken state and admit my desperate need. My glaringly obvious shortcomings. The Bible says He is close to the broken-hearted, but when I try to be fantastic on my own, He’s not quite close, and I’m not quite fantastic. 

Thank God He was waiting for this moment! For me to admit I need Him and to run to Him, humbly begging His presence and provision over my life. From this viewpoint, I understand how sometimes I need moments like this where I’m not quite excelling but rather failing gloriously, so I can see things clearly, as they are. Sometimes I need to have a Bad Day. 


25 thoughts on “The surprising reason you had a bad day

  1. For me, as soon as I label it a “bad day” it becomes one. Sometimes I think God gives us negative feelings so we’ll stop and pray and quit getting so caught up in the little things around us.

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  2. So incredibly powerful! I needed this and I know I’m not the only one. At times I do try to do too much and it does cause me to stress out and act out. My husband always gets shocked and confused. I’m semi-confused myself but I give into my attitude because I choose to be upset. Knowing the root can help me cure the cause. Great post!


  3. Noticing when things are going the wrong direction and being able to turn our mood around are skills we all could benefit from. It is definitely not easy, and sometimes we need to have a bad day to regroup and try again the next.

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  4. It’s amazing to me how I can take one bad moment and turn it into an entire bad day. Mostly because I lack love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and most of all self-control! Such a great post!

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