7 baby products that shouldn’t exist

7 baby products that shouldn't exist: the seven baby products I have found the most frustrating or useless with my three littles. Check out the list at gloriousmomblog.com.

By this point I’ve been through three babies. My youngest is a toddler. So I find myself at times asking the question, “who on earth thought this baby (or toddler) product was a good idea, and why have they not made amends for their error?” Read my list, and then let me know if you agree, or if I missed any. 

Tie shoes

Why does a baby or toddler need laces? Do they know how to tie their shoes? It looks cute. Yeah. I look cute with kids screaming at me when I’m running late and it’s taking five times as long as it should to wrangle a squirmy kid into their footwear. DUMB. All baby and toddler shoes should be Velcro

Pajamas with snaps

If you love someone, or even mildly don’t wish them pain and suffering, DON’T give them baby pajamas with snaps. With a newborn, you’re changing their diapers several times in the middle of the night – do you really want to deal with eighty snaps at 3AM? Does it get better as they outgrow their nightly feedings? NO! What comes next is squirmy toddlerhood. Do you think they’re going to sit still and patiently wait for you to snap all 1200 snaps, realize you missed one, unsnap them all and then resnap them again? By this time they’ve pulverized your internal organs with their flailing feet and pulled your hair out by its roots. If there be any love or compassion in you at all, give zippered pajamas at the baby shower.

7 baby products that shouldn't exist: the seven baby products I have found the most frustrating or useless with my three littles. Check out the list at gloriousmomblog.com.Bibs with Velcro

I love Target. It’s close and quick. Therefore I buy 99% of my stuff there. So I was always frustrated that ALL their bibs featured Velcro. Do you know how useless that is? The baby will wear that bib for maybe a month or two before he figures out that he can rip the hated thing off in a heartbeat. Do you think your newly-minted toddler is keeping it on? Ha! Why don’t they only make bibs with snaps or strings? Too logical, I know. 

Wipes that don’t pull apart

I’ve sampled enough wipes to know what features are important to me, and top amongst them is the ability to separate easily. When I discover that the diaper I thought housed pee is hiding poop instead, I want to be able to make that nastiness disappear ASAP before Crafty Toddler or Curious Baby starts exploring the poop with their fingers. If I gotta struggle to get my next wipe, I may not finish this thing in time. My LEAST favorite are the Target Up & Up brand wipes, while the ones I like the most are Pampers

7 baby products that shouldn't exist: the seven baby products I have found the most frustrating or useless with my three littles. Check out the list at gloriousmomblog.com.Nose bulbs

Unfortunately, I did not discover the Nose Frida until my third baby. Zac was always congested, and addicted as he was to the paci, he needed to breathe through his nose. I’m telling you, even the hospital-issued nose bulbs do next to nothing. The Nose Frida, or Snot Sucker as I call it, was 5x as effective. 

Pull-ups without side Velcro

This is a no-brainer. You know how hard it is to remove a poopy pull-up that doesn’t disattach at the sides? I literally just rip the pull-up off my child. Another example of a product that must not have been made by a parent who actually uses it. Luckily, Huggies makes a pretty decent pull-up with the side Velcro

Musical toys without an Off button 

I think pretty much all modern toys now come with Off buttons; some are even smart enough to have two volume choices. Although this still doesn’t solve the problem of your kid activating a sound that doesn’t stop manually and then walking out of the room 😱😱😱.

You’d think after all these years someone would figure out what works and what doesn’t, but no … they leave it to us moms to sort everything out. 


51 thoughts on “7 baby products that shouldn’t exist

  1. OMG YES. YES TO ALL. These are all terrible and shouldn’t exist! I have a Melissa and Doug sound puzzle and it’s light sensitive so if we’re missing a piece and someone’s shadow crosses it or you turn on or off the lights you get COCKADOODLE DOOOOOO!!! or other various animal sounds. Of course there’s no off switch.

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  2. I think you have heard my inner voice and released it’s fury! Haha, excellent post. And so, so true. As far as pajamas with snaps, I think I spend more time wrangling the loose twin than I do dressing the other when I’m dealing with ALL THOSE SNAPS. 😉

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  3. Good point! Some of these are useless! I’ll also add the Bumbo to that list. At least one of my babies had thighs that didn’t fit into the little leg slots. 🙂

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  4. Love this list!! Ok so we’re not at the pull ups stage yet but seriously being able to remove a diaper (or put one on) without de-pantsing is a must-have. Looks like I’ll be checking out those Huggies one day.

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  5. Definitely, agree with no off button on toys. Like why? Did the toy company set out to torcher parents? HA. I will admit, though, I preferred snap pj’s with my little. Yes, I buttoned tons of them but I was scared of the zipper and I felt as if they were uncomfortable. As for bibs, I like the idea of the over-the-head ones but they can cause more of a mess. I’m okay with velcro because Ella does okay with keeping them on, but I know lots of other family that hated them due to their easy release. Pretty true list though 😉

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  6. One person told me they liked the snaps because they only had to undo half of the outfit. She’s wrong on every level, but an interesting point.

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  7. Although my kids are all adults now I would have to agree with you on all of these. Apparently, people are STILL buying them so the manufacturer is still producing. Does anybody get their baby shoes bronzed anymore?

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  8. Ha ha! I love this post! I agree totally with all of them. The snaps would drive me CRAZY when my kids were little. Love the Nose Frieda, even though I never thought I would use it, it is the best. Also, hate Target wipes. I use Huggies, but actually Costco has some pretty good ones. And those musical toys…ugh. It’s the worst when they randomly go off in the middle of the night.

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  9. OMG, I am laughing!!! This is funny. Seriously, yesssss to all of these! Before my son was even born, my mother-in-law sent us a TON of those little baby gowns and told us we’d thank her later. TOTALLY did! The snaps and buttons are absolutely impossible in the middle of the night, haha. Thanks for sharing! ❤

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